Design and Autonomy for a SPACE ROVER  

We have multiple open Master Thesis and Diploma Projects oriented around the vision of building a space rover model based on this open project: 

  • 3D printing and Mechanical redesign upgrade

  • Active Suspension

  • Design of embedded manipulator

  • Terrain traversability

  • Vision based navigation

  • Object detection

  • Sampling collection and drilling

  • Reactive navigation

  • High level Path planning

  • Low Level Risk Aware Path Planning

  • Command and Control Center for mission creation and tracking

  • Localization in Space


Sawppy the Rover

Sawppy is a motorized model whose layout and proportion mimics that of Mars rovers Curiosity and Perseverance. It faithfully reproduces the suspension kinematics of real rovers and is intended to be a hardware platform for future software projects in autonomous operation. Go forth and boldly explore the back yard, Sawppy!